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Write Your Prayers On A Bamboo At Jingtong Old Street

The old street of Jingtong is at the exact exit of the Jingtong Train Station. Since it starts catering visitors and tourist started to expand, the village start to have their version of souvenir shops, food stalls and abundant picturesque surroundings.

It has become a trend to write prayer and wishes on a bamboo and hand them next to the railways or trees.

Jingtong was once a bustling coal mining town. The small town’s name is derive from trees and bamboos which also share the same name “Jingtong”. This is where the hanging bamboo wishes came from.

How to get there?
From Taipei Main Station, Ride Bus or Train going to TRA Ruifang Station and transfer to Pingxi Line train, ride the train going to Jingtong Station.


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