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Consumers Fallen To Illness As Contamination Found On Apple Sidra Drink

Oceanic Beverage Co., the company that produces the soda drink called Apple Sidra have been fined worth NT1million (Php1.72Million) due to contamination. This is for the violation of food and safety regulation following the consumers concern, according to an official.

As per health department, drinking the soda results to illness. The company fail to recall the products after such complaints have reported, also the company failed to report to the authorities as required by the safety regulation.

The drink have contained sediments that cause diarrhea and stomach ache to consumers. Apple sidra ing 2 Liter bottles are the ones that are contaminated according to reports.

As an inpection by health department, they found some subtance in the Applr Sidra Taoyuan plant in the production due to faulty line equipment.


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