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International Migrants Day Set To Celebrate in Taoyuan

The 2018 Taoyuan International Migrants Day to be held in Zhongli District in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Backed by the Toayuan City government the event will be on December 16, 2018 Sunday 10:00am onwards.

Taoyuan, Taiwan as the fourth largest population of migrants next to Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taichung as it release news and announcement regarding the said event. An estimated count of 59,000 of new immigrants, foreign and migrant workers and overseas Chinese.

Everyone is invited in the event, the venue will also have a local and international food fair and a free concert featuring La Paradisia, known for their combination of singing, guitar and saxophone.

Enjoy a relaxing day together with other migrants of the country, there are picnic style events and different contest that every migrant can join in.


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