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What OFWs In Taiwan Can Do To Handle Christmas Away From Home

There are few things that an OFW can do to spend Christmas away from home. It is normal to feel homesick and spend the holidays away from your family and loved ones. Everybody knows that the Filipino culture of celebrating Christmas and holiday season is very warm and not every OFW will have the chance to go home and celebrate it.

Here are some ideas to cope with spending Christmas away from home:

1.  Celebrate with fellow Filipinos

The best way to celebrate Christmas abroad is to celebrate it with fellow Filipinos. Cook or buy foods, have a cheers and have a mini party. You will like home specially if these fellow Filipinos are your friends. 

2. Plan what to do on day offs

You may celebrate the holiday season on your own way, plot and plan according your rest days / day offs. You may watch a movie, go somewhere else, go shopping, visit other Filipinos.

3. Send gifts at home

Balikbayan box, yes, every family at wait always wait for this box. Find cheap items for give if you are on a budget. There are lots of stores in Taiwan selling items for cheap. Have a list on who will you send your gifts and send your balikbayan box on time.

4.  Go to a place that is new to you

Instead of malls, go to parks or some tourists attractions in the city. Go to a place that you’ve never been before, this is a good experience as this new place to you will give you a relaxing mood. Taiwan has a variety of attractions to visit.

5. Volunteer to communities in your area

There are lots for voluntary works during holiday season, since this is the season of giving why not help. Volunteer for the likes of homeless or at the home of the aged.

6. Look forward for a brighter tomorrow

Emotionally sad of being away from home on Christmas, always looks for the brighter future and the reason why you work abroad. For the future and good life of your family right? Maybe in the next holiday season you will have vacation back home.


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