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Japan Approves Increase Of Foreign Workers As Taiwan Likely To Be Affected 

Starting April 2019, foreign workers and laborers from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, China, Myanmar, Nepal and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) of the Philippines will be eligible for a new residence status and permit to work in Japan. 

Last Christmas Day, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan approved amending laws on immigration and foreign labor that will increase the foreign workers permitted and allowed to work in Japan. These approval may affect the foreign labor of Taiwan as it also has the same law as Japan will have more higher and expanded opportunities for foreign laborers.

According to reports, an estimate of 345,000 foreign workers are expected to work in Japan in the next five years. This could be a problem for Taiwan as its labor force maybe affected with more skilled candidates and workers competes for a job position in Japan rather in Taiwan.

Industries include nursing, nursing aide and elderly care, food service and construction industry are the main sectors that Japan needs. As the year goes, other industries will open for foreign workers as the above mention industry will have the highest number of laborers.

Factory manufacturing, hotel industry, food processing,  agriculture and fishing as well as janitorial work are also likely to expand. Japan as a high class country offers high quality of immigration process and quality of living in the country.



  1. i want to apply as nursing aid in japan,

  2. there are still vacant position as nursing aid? im nursing graduate and willing to wrk as an nursing aid..

  3. i want to apply as a factory worker like food processing.

  4. Hello.. I am nursing graduate.. I want to apply as a nursing aid.. How and where to apply. Thanks

  5. i want to apply as a factory worker..


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