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Kinds of "Pasalubong" that we need to avoid when going to Taiwan

Recently the Government of Taiwan had amended the fine and penalties to the higher amount which ranges for first time offender is NT$50,000 then the second offense is NT$500,000, and if be caught for the third time then the penalty is NT$1 million.

There are so many kind of confusion on what are allowed "Pasalubong" to bring.

Not Allowed:
1. Meat products. Processed or unprocessed is strictly prohibited.
- meaning cooked or uncooked is not allowed
2. All uncooked agricultural products are not allowed.
- like fresh fruits, seeds, any herbal like leaves, and roots. if you want to bring then you have to secure a permit.
3. Processed foods with meat
- all cooked food mixed with meat is not allowed. like alamang, burgers, etc.

What is allowed:
1. All kinds of seafood are allowed and must be sealed properly but remember must no pork mixed in it.
2. All kinds of delicacies (cooked fruits, seafood, etc.)

What if I will be caught?
The offenders will be given one month to pay the penalty.

Beware mga Kabayan!



  1. pede na ung tinapa, tuyo, daing, danggit go na

  2. pwede po ba tuyo or daing?mga kakanin po ba pwede pong dalhin?


    plan have remittance business

  4. Pwede po b ang atsuete seeds pero sa SM supermarket binili, hindu nmn po siya fresh?

    1. pwede naman. magmumulta ka lang naman

  5. pwede po ba mais na bigas???


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