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MIAA Warned OFW About Snatchers And Thieves At The Airport

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) warned Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and tourists regarding thieves at the airport. An influx of arriving vacationing OFW from different countries will surely go through and they advise to stay vigilant.

According to MIAA general Manager that recently security personnel have resolved an issue regarding the snatchers that caught worth Php120,000 and the other caught Php250,000. Due to a very busy atmosphere in the holiday season, pickpockets are expected to take advantage.

They assure that airport security are on guard to maintain peace and order. If something is missing, immediately report any loss belongings to the respective airline companies as MIAA does not handle any baggage.

All baggage handlers in NAIA are equipped with body camera and they are not allowed to wear clothes with pockets and any personal pieces of jewelry.


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