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Taiwan is first in Asia to implement "Natural Death Law" starting 2019

     Are you aware of Mercy killing? For more than a decade it is being debated if whose in favor of Mercy Killing. But don't you know that Taiwan is the first Country in Asia to implement the "Patient Right to Autonomy Act." or known to be "Natural Death Law." Yes, you read it right! Starting January 1, 2019. This Act will take effect.

What is "Patient Right to Autonomy Act."?
This stipulates respect for patient autonomy in health care that includes clear definitions or patients rights on terminating of Life-Sustaining Treatment and also artificial nutrition and hydration.

this new Act can instruct the Medical Institutions or Physicians to partially or fully terminate the life-sustaining treatment but have to undergo thorough evaluations.

The law had been drafted last 2015 and passed the legislative Yuan but it is only now to be implemented in 2019 with a clearer five conditions.

What are the five conditions?
1. Terminally ill
2. Irreversible Coma
3. Persistent Vegetative State
4. Suffering from Severe Dementia
5. Determined with Unbearable or Incurable disease

Despite of controversies Taiwan made it as first Country in Asia to implement "Natural Death Law."


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