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What are the worst diseases during winter?

Do you know that during winter season we are more prone to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases? Yes, and two of the popular are Respiratory and Cardiovascular diseases.

What are the most prone diseases?
1. Aneurysm
- Those with hypertension and cardiovascular diseases should always monitor the blood pressure and the wear warm clothes when going out.

2. Myocardial Infarction
- Those having a history of cardiovascular disease should take the usual medicine and add more clothes when going out.

3. Poor Circulation
- Wear gloves and socks during LOW temperature to minimize loss of body temperature.

4. Flu
- Guard one's personal hygiene. Wash hands and wear a mask to reduce the chances of getting infected.

5. Rhinitis
- Wear face mask and scarf to keep warm and to prevent some allergic irritation nor catching germs.

- Take regular medication; Be reminded to keep your nose and mouth warm

Be aware of the your health and improve your witness during winter!


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