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Beware smokers! Taiwan has thousands of "Professional Cigarette Butts Busters"

Do you smoke? Well, if you are in Taiwan you must be aware that there are professional Cigarette Butts Busters. It's also my first time to hear this lucrative kind of work.

It is true in Taiwan there are thousands of Cigarette Butt Busters and they are being paid by Taiwan's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). According to them, one regular informant earns NT$100,000 per month and he is doing this for seven years.

How does this work?
If the informant sees someone is smoking they will record a video and they will wait until a smokers throw the butt of a cigarette. From then on they will hand the recorded video to the authority and half of the penalty which will be charged from the smoker will go to the informant.

How much is the penalty for littering?
It ranges from NT$1200 - NT$6000. Half of the fine will goes to the informant.

According to EPA, the Toufen Township, Zhunan Township, and Miaoli County has many "Professional Informants."

EPA is strict on these things because its hard to remove from our environment and block the drainage ditches.

Beware everyone especially who are smoking in public places. Please disposed your garbage properly.


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