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Migrant Worker In Taiwan Rescued After Being Tortured By Employer

An Indonesian female migrant worker has been rescued after she was reported that she was being tortured by her employer with the joint effort by police and the New Taipei City Government. She works as a caregiver for the elderly in Banquiao District, which she is not allowed by her employer to leave their residence.

The employer cut her pay for couple of months and was only given food leftovers and the employer slapped her in the face when expectation did not meet by her working performance.

The migrant worker made a phone call for rescue, an inspector from the labor department from New Taipei government made a surprise visit in the residence to rescue the migrant worker where but the employer block them until police intervene.

The migrant worker kept a diary for the treatment of her employer to her as the employer accused the inspector of labor department for trespassing.


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