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Pegatron Handed Out Car For Grand Prize and Cash For All Employees In Weiya

iPhone Assembler Pegatron Corporation handed out lush money on its annual Weiya worth NT$90Million (Php153 Million) for its prizes on the party which was attended by 7,500 employees. 

The grand prize of the their Weiya is a car worth NT$800,000 (Php1.36 Million) with at least 10persons each winning NT$300k, NT$250k, NT$200k and 30persons winning NT$100k. For those who did not win the prize will get NT$12,000 (Php20,400) each for everyone.

It is well given to everyone as a thanksgiving for their hardwork and also a bonus for thr coming Lunar New Year holidays. In 2018, Pegatron's revenue reached NT$1.34 Trillion which it has passed the trillion mark for five consecutive years.

Apart from cash money there are also gift certificates, household electronics and consumer electronics that are given away like smartphones, television and others.

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