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Vendors Under Investigation After Over Pricing Tourists At Night Market

The Taipei City government have investigating an issue regarding the overcharging of vendors to tourists on Shilin Night Market. The alleged over charging is that the vendor sells a cup of diced fruit for NT$400 (Php700) where a single cup is only at NT100-NT150 price range.

This is not the first time that vendors are under investigation because there were several reports regarding the overpricing. The issue have re-opened to Taipei government after the tourist have a Taiwanese friend that saw the problem. The issue draw like fire from the social media and news.

The government are concerned regarding the overpricing issue as the reputation of the night markets among tourists and visitors may be damaged.

Officials continue to monitor vendors and they must have specific and proper label prices. Fruit vendors have signed a pledge not to inflate price specially among tourists or foreign visitors.

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