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Import Of Dengue Case In Taiwan Came After A Cebu Trip In The Philippines

Case of Dengue in Taiwan is imported from a Taiwanese that are part of a group that traveled to Cebu and other cities of the Philippines. Everyone is advised to take precautions against mosquito bites before travelling and visiting Philippines according to Center for Disease Control of Taiwan.

The dengue is confirmed with three cases who all travel together from Cebu for religious purposes. There were dengue cases recorded not only in the Philippines, ASEAN countries include Vietnam and Indonesia.

The members have symptoms of fever, headache and muscle pain 4 days after return which was confirmed as dengue.

Taiwan have issued Level 1 travel advisory to Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia with regards to public health specially the cases of dengue.

Largan Precision Increased Supply Orders From Korean Giant Samsung

Accounting to high percentage of Largan’s total revenue this year, Samsung Electronics Co have increased their orders to the camera lens maker. Largan Precision and Samsung have already settled a legal dispute over patent infringements.

The South Korean giant have unveiled its current flagship smartphone in three variants of the S10 series, as Largan is poised to win more contract for orders for Samsung’s front facing camera and rear cameras.

Smartphone today are increasing the number of cameras which make Largan the one stop shop for good camera lenses. Most flagships today supports a triple-lens camera and a dual front facing camera.

Largan also working on a new camera lens set up which they called ‘secret weapon’ which will probably revealed soon.

Pinay Caregiver In Taiwan Diagnosed With Cervical Cancer Wished To Be With Her Daughter

Critically ill Filipina Caregiver in Taiwan only have one wish, to go home and be with her beloved daughter.  She was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer, reported by United Daily News.

The domestic caregiver have been working with the Taiwanese family since 2016 but since feeling abdominal pain since the start of this year. In an effort by her employer and agency that seek help to raise fund for her to cure its cervical cancer that have raised for about NT$70,000 (Php120,000) that came from donations.

Show Chwan Memorial Hospital diagnosed her with the critical cancer with signs of failing organs. The doctor said she could pass away any moment and advised her for palliative care services. The Taiwanese family felt heartbroken that they did know about her illness much sooner.

With her condition now being stable with the help of her employer and treatment she recieved, her agency is arranging flight back to Philippines to see her daughter and continue her treatment. All she just want is her daughter to have a very good living.

Cancer Causing Blood Pressure Medication Recalled By Pharmaceutical Firms In Taiwan

Potential carcinoges have been found to some blood pressure medications coming from local pharmaceutical firms that issues recalls of the medication tablets.

Valsartan a coming from Taipei based Synmosa Biopharma Corp, Synpac Kingdom Pharmaceutical and China based Tianyu Pharmaceutical have discovered an active ingredient in the medication that contained N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) according to reports.

Valsatran with 80mg and 160mg are used to prevent high blood pressure while the ingredient NDMA will likely to cause cancer according to Food and Drug Administration of Taiwan.

There are a total of 660 million tablets that have been recalled that can lead to a cancerous disease. There were also the same incidents reported worldwide that contain the same ingredient in high blood pressure medications.

One Filipino Arrested In Taichung For Overstaying 17 Years

Police officers in Taichung City have arrested a 53 year old Filipino in Taichung City which shocked everyone because its case was overstaying in Taiwan for 6,160 days or more than 17 years reported by Common Daily.

Philippine in nature but the man insists that he was indigenous Taiwanese because he speaks fluent mandarin and even the local dialect. He was arrested because he was behaving suspeciously in a hoodie jacket going back and forth in a park in Taichung.

Police officers from Jian Kang Police Station saw the Filipino guy that he is using the special version of easycard printed with foreign flag and languages that leads to suspecious of being an illegal migrant worker.

He admitted that he is indeed an illegal migrant worker as he was transferred to the National Immigration Agency for possible penalties and deportation.

Strict Checking For Any Travelers That Brings Meat Products From Vietnam

All travelers and nationals coming from Vietnam are now under strict security check that brings meat products to Taiwan due to the presence of African Swine Fever (ASF).

The fine also raised to NT$200,000 for the first offense and NT1million for the second offense according to taiwan’s Central Emergency Operational center for ASF.

The issuance came after reports that farms from Vietnam have affected by ASF. Any national coming from Vietnam that have detected ASF on meat products will subject to fine and if failed to pay the fine, the national will be deny of entry to Taiwan.

Vietnam is the third country under watch in Taiwan Airport due to ASF, including China and Mongolia. Over hundreds of pigs have been culled to prevent the spread of the virus.


SSS Condonation Program is extended until April 2019

Do you have unpaid loans in the Social Security System (SSS)? If yes, then this is your chance to clear your loans because the condonation program which had been extended until April 1, 2019.

What is a condonation program?
These are the members who have outstanding short-term Loan in The state-run Social Security System. If we remember, Pres. Duterte has extended its Restructuring Program with penalty condonation up to April 1, 2019. Meaning, those members with loan can pay at 0% rate.

This move by the SSS is to ensure that the members will be able to pay without interest and also this hope to collect billion of loans from members.


Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg., world's largest chipmaker loss over NT$6 billion because of substandard raw material

Taipei, Taiwan (Feb. 25, 2019) - The world's largest contract chipmaker, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) had lost over NT$6 billion from production mishap.

Due to substandard material that had been found on the product which was produced in their plant in Tainan. According to TSMC the root cause had been identified on Jan. 19. The company had found out that their raw material has substandard photoresist chemicals and it resulted in low yields on wafers production. The supplier of the raw material is a well-known performer in the industry and have been their supplier for a long time.

This production mishap had much affected their clients such as NVIDIA Corp., Hisilicon Technologies Co., and Taiwan's MediaTek Inc. This already the second time the company had losses after a virus strike to their computers last August 2018. 

Two OFW suffered injuries after a van collided in their motorcycle in Taichung

Taichung, Taiwan (Feb. 25, 2019)- A two Filipino migrant workers suffered serious injuries after a van had collided at their motorcycle while riding yesterday.

The two migrant workers were on their way for their annual medical examination in Taichung when the accident happened. According to the initial investigation, the migrant was heading on their way when suddenly a van made a U-turn and perhaps they did not notice the sudden U-turn because it was raining at that time.

Both victims are workers of Hiwin Technologies Corp. in Taichung. The driver of the motorcycle had been rushed to Taichung Veterans General Hospital while his back rider has been brought to one of the Hospital in Hsinchu.


A new born baby drowned to death by his own mother in Miaoli County Taiwan

Miaoli County Taiwan (Feb. 25, 2019)- A very horrible crime happened in the province of Miaoli County in Taiwan. A woman aged 21 years old had confessed to the authorities that she had drowned her own child to death.

A Mother of newborn baby boy with surname Liu had been charged with Murder after the authorities had done a thorough investigation of the whereabouts of the newborn baby.

It took almost 2 months to discover the killing. The girl had broken down into tears and eventually had confessed the crime she had done to the baby. and According to her, she has been forced by her parents to let the baby live and not to abort. She gives birth December 15, 2018, and go home Dec. 21, 2018. And upon arriving from the hospital, she noticed that her family was not around. So then, she decided to bring the baby to the Temple which is 50 meters away from their house. Then there, she drowned the baby in the public sink of the temple and after ensuring that the baby is already dead, she put the corpse in a plastic bag and left it near the back of the transformer across the street.

The parents of the girl did not know the whereabouts of the baby since if they asked their daughter about the baby, she would only answer that she had given it for adoption.

The Household Registry Offices and Health Administration officials had raised the alarm. Because it's been two months and yet no data in the registry, and also the family had failed to complete necessary vaccination procedures for the child.

The suspect is now detained and the family had done a ritual at the temple for the eternal reposed of the baby.


Taiwan Hiring:Placement Salary Deduction, Operator for Electronic Company

Are you looking for a job in Taiwan but no money for the placement fee?
Then worry no more because MIP Agency is offering a salary deduction for an electronics

Position: Operator for Electronics Company
Location: Taiwan

20 yrs old and above
At least a High School Diploma
With or without experience
Minimum of 1-year experience
Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply

NSO Birth Certificate
UMID or stub is accepted
School Credentials
Employment Certificate

Note: Placement fee can be paid through Salary Deduction

For your application you may visit:
MIP International Manpower Services
Address: MIP Building, 28 GSIS Avenue GSIS Village, Project 8, Quezon City, 1116 Metro Manila, Philippines

Tel. no. +63 2 927 6546 / 920-6816


Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers for Ekay Tech. Co. Ltd.

Company: Ekay Tech. Co. Ltd.
In the development of information technology, semiconductor and TFT-LCD industries have been playing a revolutionary role and made a great impact on human lives. High purity electronic chemicals are essential to the growth of these industries.

E Kay Technology was established in August 2000 and specializing in the manufacture of high purity electronic chemicals for semiconductor and TFT-LCD process as well as providing OEM services. With the rapid growth of semiconductor and TFT-LCD market, E Kay has devoted to developing new process and products to serve our customer better and to be the best partner of our customers. The phase 2 plant was launched in July 2004 with technical support provided by Kanto Chemical Japan. In addition to raw materials and chemical warehouses, the plant also includes the high-precision formulation production system, clean room, advanced filling equipment, and ppt-grade microanalysis laboratory.

E Kay Technology is a member of KANTO-PPC Group as well as Yee Fong Group. Yee Fong Chemical & Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1948 and mainly focusing on the electrolytic process. Yee Fong invested and established “Ocean Plastics” in 1964 for PVC resin compound and related products. In the 1990s, Yee Fong continued to establish “Triplex Chem.”, “LeFarm Tech.”, “E’Dale Tech.” and “E Kay Tech.” whose main products are Epichlorohydrin, lead frame, epoxy molding compound, and high purity electronic chemicals relatively. With the above investment, Yee Fong has stepped out from the conventional industry to high-tech field for future challenges.

Position: Male Factory Worker
Location: Taoyuan, Taiwan

20 years old and above
At least a Bachelor's or College degree
At least Vocational Graduate
With 1-year working experience is needed
Height must be 161cm and above
With experience in Acidic or Alkaline Chemical solvents, Manual chemical mixing

NSO Birth Certificate
UMID or stub is accepted

For your application, you may visit
Manila Branch:
Melakom Global Services Incorporated
Address:  1662 Leon Guinto St, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone: +63 930 172 5025
Contact number: 09178710773 / 09189628613 and look for Ms. Lorj

Cebu Branch:
Melakom Global Services Incorporated
L.D.M Building, Legaspi St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines
Phone: +63 32 505 7142
Contact number 09178856638/09178712250/09189628614/09328851251
and look for MS. Cristine or Grace


Over 300 will be jobless after Ruentrex Industries announced closure?

Taoyuan, Taiwan ( Feb. 24, 2019) - Another company is about to close its plant in Yangmei District of Taoyuan.

The Ruentrex Industries Ltd., known for its huge production of textile and an arm of the conglomerate Ruentrex Group of company had announced yesterday for the closure of one plant. The target date of closure is on April 26, 2019.

It is estimated to over 300 employees will be laid-off. And 141 of this are migrant who will be jobless in the next month.

The decision of company’s closure is due to three consecutive years of losses which ranged to NT$1million each year. It is expected to cut its cost reduction to 14-20% after plant's closure.

Another reason of its closure because of its rival in the market and also the Ruentrex Group have diverted their business to other kind of business such as Insurance and many more. 

Contamination Found On Muji Bottled Water

Renowed brand Muji is a Japan-based Ryohin Keikaku Corporation that have recalled their two kinds of bottled waters which is contaminated with carcinogen bromic acid. The bottled waters has a brand name of 'Natural Water'.

The 2 Muji brands have a total of 590,000 have hit the stores of Muji in Asia since July 2018 but only removed just last February 21, 2019.  The brand also recalls its other brand 'Mineral Sparkling Water' even not positive carcinogen bromic acid.

As per inspection report, the contamination is four times higher than the normal human must take. Return of the product can give consumers full refund.


Taiwan Encourages Filipinos To Study In Taiwan

The Taiwan Education Center Philippines in collaboration with St. Paul University in Quezon City, Manila held and event that will encourage students and teachers to study mandarin in Taiwan for further studies in mandarin to pursue doctoral degrees.

Both status can even apply for school scholarship to lessen the financial use during studying. Taiwan’s representative have oriented the students and faculty regarding Taiwan’s high education system and the quality of teaching.

Academic and practical skills will be developed in giving the appropriate course, scholarships are available for anyone who will pursue their degrees in Mandarin.

Taiwanese representative aimed to help Filipino students understand the big possibilities, opportunities and benefits of learning foreign language especially mandarin. This also promotes the cultural and educational exchange for Philippines and Taiwan.

Snow to fall this weekend as continental cold air arrived in Taiwan

Miaoli County Taiwan ( Feb. 23, 2019) - The weather forecast over the weekend will turn to colder temperature as the continental cold airmass arrived last night.

Taiwan CWB forecaster Lee Ming-shuan said that snow is expected in three high mountains in Taiwan ( Hehuanshan, Yushan, Xueshan).

The temperature is expected to drop up to 12 degrees Celsius in the Northern part of Taiwan. Expect light rain across the country. Cold weather will be feel until late Sunday of Feb. 24, 2019. 

POEA Advised Recruitment Agencies To Issue Receipt On Paying Applicants

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration advised recruitment agencies to give proper receipt to any paying applicants. On the other hand applicants may request for receipt for formality of the paid service done by recruitment agencies.

Non-issuance of receipts are subjected for agencies to be penalized under POEA Rules and Regulation Governing the Recruitment and Employment of Land Based Overseas Workers. In the recent years several agencies have paid the price for just not issuing proper receipts on applicants.

Any recruitment violation may lead to suspension of recruitment licenses and cancelled for higher offense. Applicants must only transact inside the office of a recruitment agency and not outside, the amount paid and purpose of payment must be clearly written.

Failure to give a proper receipt leads to a job scam, for any inquiries anyone may contact POEA at 7221144 and 7221155, POEA mobile application is also available at Google Play and Apple App store for free.

After Taiwan deadly Train crash last year, A boy awaken after 4 months in coma?

Taipei Taiwan (Feb. 22, 2019)- Tears of Joy have surrounded the family of a seven years old boy who woke up from coma after 4 months. The boy was one of the victims of the last year derailed train accident the Puyuma Express in Yilan County.

The Spokesperson of the Defense Ministry David Lo has happily announced to the public Thursday morning about the awakening of the boy whose surnamed is Hseih. The boy is now recovering and now able to chat with his family.

As far as we remember the accident shocks to the country after several died on the horrible accident and unfortunately the Grand Father of the boy is one of the fatalities. Before the incident happened the Hseih's family had attended a wedding in Taipei.

Following the accident of the Puyuma Express, the Head of Taiwan Railways Administration had resigned to his post.


One Signature Away For Same Sex Marriage To Be A Law In Taiwan

Taiwan Cabinet have approved the bill that will serve as the law for same-sex couples aged 18 and above to marry, the apprival will forward to the Legislative Yuan for the final review and make it a law in Taiwan.

The draft bill approved by the cabinet covers different areas such as inheritance rights, medical rights, adoption of children and monogamy.

This makes Taiwan one of the most and better cointries for LGBT community and officials hopes that everyone will respect each other.

The bill will establish legal and authoritative act this coming May 2019.


Electronics Sector In Taiwan Showed Resilience Amid Economic Slowdown

Amid economy slow down, the exports for electronics in Taiwan grew by 0.3% as it shows consistency, according to Taiwan’s Ministry of Finance. The percentage is also one of the highest recorded for electronics shipment in the country.

Known electronics companies in Taiwan with influx of Filipino migrant workers include Quanta Computers, Yageo Corporation, Innolux Corporation, Pegatron Corporation, AU Optronics to name a few.

The US-China trade war cause a lot of problems in the economy of Taiwan but in a positive way it makes the shipment more widespread due to the relocation of some companies going back to Taiwan and to other regions.

Shipments of chemicals, plastic and metal base products have dropped decreasing the trade surplus, the smartphone market is somehow declined but its electronics components are consistent in orders.

Pinoy Killed Another Pinoy, One Crew Severely Inrujed In A Heated Incident

One Filipino was killed by fellow Filipino and another crew was severely injured in a Taiwanese fishing vessel while finshing and sailing along the Indian Ocean (Wednesday, Feb 20). The Filipino have stabbed its compatriot and the other crew,reported by CNA.

Longliner Wen Peng have a total of 24 crew members with 10 Filipinos, 11 Indonesians and three Taiwanese. The incident was reported by the captain of the ship.

According to reports, some of the crew dont get along to each other until the incident happen. The killer dont want anybody to come near him that forced everyone to escape the ship.

Other Taiwanese vessel came for help when Ministry of Foreign Of Affairs of Taiwan calls for help for any nearby vessels. The incident still on going investigation, victim and suspect still unnamed as of the moment.

(image from CNA)

Hiring: Factory Workers For Formosa Taffeta Corp In Taiwan

Company: Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd.

Company Overview:
Formosa Fiber Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd. (FTC), is established on the outskirts of Douliu in Yunlin County. It was registered and jointly founded by Formosa Chemical & Fiber Corporation, a member of Formosa Plastics Group (FPG), and several industrialists on April 19th, 1973, which was in the booming phase of Taiwanese textile industry and export trading. Modern equipment was introduced for businesses of weaving, dyeing, printing, finishing, etc. of taffeta made of filaments of nylon and polyester. Not until January 1979 is it renamed Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd., and the time of its listing on the Taiwanese stock exchange is in December 1985.

Position: Factory Workers
Location: Yunlin, Taiwan

20 to 30 yrs old
Height must be 170cm and above
Weight must not over 60kg
College Graduate
Must able to speak and understand English

How to apply?
Agency: Japan Maruko International Corporation

Address: 14tH flr (LEFT WING) De Leon center, M. H. Del Pilar St, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines


Hiring: Machine Operators For Chroma ATE Inc In Taiwan

Company: Chroma ATE Incorporated

Founded in 1984, Chroma ATE Inc. is a world leading supplier of precision test and measurement instrumentation, automated test systems, intelligent manufacturing systems, and test & automation turnkey solutions marketed globally under the brand name "Chroma".

Products / Services:
Significant markets Chroma serves include electric vehicle, LED, photovoltaic, green battery, semiconductor, photonics, flat panel display, video and color, power electronics, passive component, electrical safety, thermoelectric, automated optical inspection, and intelligent manufacturing system for ICT, clean technology, and smart factory industries.

1. Taoyuan, Taiwan
2. Kaohsiung, Taiwan

-Male, 21yrsbold and above
-Vocational graduate or course regarding electronics or computer
-With work experience in electronics, computer or semiconductor companies
-No lefthanded
-No tattoo
-For first timers only

Grand Placement & General Services Corporation.
Address: 2A, 1636 Agoncillo St, Malate, Metro Manila, Philippines


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Expect An Increase Of Minimum Wage This Year Anew Per Taiwan Labor Minister

Recently the minimum wage have increased to NT$23,100 and according to Taiwan's Labor Minister Hsu Ming-chun the minimum wage still has its chances to further more increase even a current slowdown of economic growth, repoted by UDN.

Every August of the year an evaluation is held to review and take adjustments of the minimum wage. Discussions will be made between representatives from the government, industry bodies and labor unions. Salary increase takes effect on the first day of the following year.

Taiwan industry still calling not raise the current minimum wage, but still according to the labor minister that an minimum wage increase is still expected. Officials hopes that within a 5year range, Taiwan minimum wage will hit at NT$30,000.

There are still lot of factors to be discussed, Taiwan have taken the blow to the US-China trade war and the pressuring of China.

32,500 Chickens Culled In Changhua Due To Bird Flu Outbreak

About 32,500 chicken in a farm in Dacheng Township, Changhua County have been culled due to highly pathogenic H5N2 avian influenza virus or avain flu, bird flu according to Taiwan's Animal Disease Control Center (ADCC). 

340 succesive chcikens were already dead and have been reported and by checking and testing the other 32,500 have been positive to avian flu where were culled due to infections.

Main sympotoms on chickens for bird flu include swollen faces, bleeding from the eyes and nostrils, breathing problems, loss of appettite. The agency removed the chickens with infections and disinfected the whole poultry area to prevent the virus from spreading. 

Adding to the increase of spreading of virus are the arrival of migratory birds during the winter. Other reports of bird flu were in two chicken farms and one duck farm in Yunlin County and one duck farm in Pingtung County.

Hiring: Factory Workers For MFC Sealing Technology In Taiwan

MFC Sealing Technology Co Ltd

MFC Sealing Technology is a leading manufacturer of oil seals, o-rings, and precision customized rubber molded parts and complete range of sealing products. Maintaining excellent quality and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. MFC has been constantly upgrading its manufacturing capability with state of the art equipments.

New Taipei,Taiwan

Male, 21yrs old and above
At least high school graduate
160cm above in height
75kg and below in weight
With relative 1yr working experience in rubber factories, plants or machineries

Grand Placement & General Services Corporation.
Address: 2A, 1636 Agoncillo St, Malate, Metro Manila, Philippines

PH NAIA Customs Siezed High End Guns And Ammunation Bound To Taiwan

(Image from NAIA Customs)

Philippine authorities of NAIA-customs siezed eight pistols, 20 magazines and 266 rounds of ammunition inside a shipment bound to Taiwan, the arms costs US$9,728 (around Php500,000), according to several published reports.

The parcels were confiscated and dicovered at the warehouse of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) by customs after checking, the parcels shipments were declared as solar panels and tool carts. 

The guns were wrapped in lead sheets to co fuse x-ray scanners to distort the result of x-ray machines. 

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Manila is coordinating with Philippine authorities regarding the issue while the sender and reciever have been indetified based on shioment information as further investigation is being comducted.


Thousands of eggs with Fipronil toxic, no recall in Taiwan?

Changhua County (Feb. 16, 2019)- The country might be in trouble after 27,000 kilograms of eggs had been tested with a fipronil toxic from insecticide. According to the data, a total of 27,636 kg of eggs were sold before Chinese new year in several breakfast stores and other retail stores in Taipei, New Taipei and other places in Northern part of Taiwan.

The FDA notified the Council of Agriculture only last night Friday. The delay in giving the information is due to the long holiday. The test result of the eggs exceeded the maximum limit of 0.01ppm. Which is harmful for human consumption which may cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness, and epileptic seizures. and if being exposed for a long time this will result in damage to kidney, liver and thyroid gland.

What is Fipronil?
Fipronil is a broad-spectrum insecticide that belongs to the phenylpyrazole chemical family. Fipronil disrupts the insect central nervous system by blocking GABA-gated chloride channels and glutamate-gated chloride (GluCl) channels.

The origin of the eggs was from Changua's Shun Hung Poultry Farm in Changhua County, Taiwan. A dozen of eggs are now on hold in their farm and will undergo a series of test.


Taiwan Labor Department Apologizes For Putting Philippine Flag Upside Down

Ministry of Labor of Taiwan apologizes for putting the Philippines Flag upside down on a light box advertisment in Taoyuan International Airport. The flag was placed where the red color is on top instead of the blue, which means that red on top is that Philippines is at state of war.

A Philippine compatriot noticed the adverstisment and sent notice to MOL regarding the ad.

In the post of Philippine compatriot:
''Dear Ministry of Labor, I saw a poster in the Taoyuan Customs area which had the Philippine flag placed erroneously! The Philippine flag has blue on top, and only in times of war is red place on top! I don't know how to explain it to this unit..."

The MOL have issued its sincerest apology to the Philippines and already removed the advertisment and subject to change.

Google To Provide Fast And Free Internet In The Philippines

Google Philippines to provide free internet that will be called Google Station, partnered with PLDT and Smart Communications.

There will be around 50 hotspot locations that Google Station will stand and mostly on oublic places like bus stations, MRT station, airports acroos the whole country. Google stations will likely more be available in Manila.

The free internet session from Google is 30minutes, when it finished Google will ask again sign in for another round of 30minute free internet.

Google Stations already rolled out in countries of India, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria and others.


Taiwan Jobs: Factory Workers for Zong Lein Co., Ltd

Position: Factory Workers
Location: Tainan, Taiwan

Company: Zong Lein Co., Ltd

20yrs old and above
At least College level
with or without experience
170cm and above
65kg and below
able to understand English

Original passport at least 2yrs validity
UMID (new sss id)
2pcs 2x2 pictures colored white background
PSA Birth certificate with receipt
Certificate of Employment
Peos Certificate, E-registration
SSS Contribution and Employment history

For your application please visit:
Agency: Japan Maruko International Corporation
Location: 14th floor De Leon Ctr Bldg. 1151 M.H Del Pilar St.
         corner Nuestra Senora De Guia Ermita Manila

For more info may contact Ms. Lolit 
or may call and text 09178081060 / 09985947863


Taiwan Hiring: Soldering Iron Operator

Position: Soldering Iron Operator
Location: Taoyuan, Taiwan

Candidates must have at least High School Diploma
Minimum of 1yr experience
160cm of height proportion with the body
Preferably soldering iron operation
Ex-Taiwan is accepted but must not more than 6 years in Taiwan

must have 3yrs valid Passport
SSS Umid,
School diploma
Birth certificate (No late registered)

For your applications please visit:
Agency: City Employment Center Inc.
Address: Unit 702 7th floor, 1011 Gen. Malvar st., corner
          San Marcelino Malate, Manila


Hiring: Factory Workers For Taiwan Fu Hsing Industrial

FuHsing Industrial Co. Ltd

Company Overview:
Taiwan Fu Hsing has always practiced a business philosophy that places equal emphasis on environmental protection and manufacturing. In addition to focusing on industrial development, Taiwan Fuhsing continues to utilize its technological advantages in die casting, forging, surface processing, stamping, and cutting to diversify its business.

Hsin Kung 1st Road, Peitou, Changhua County, Taiwan

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Products:
Commercial Door Locks、Residential Door Locks、Door Lock Parts、Door Closer related products、Electronic Door Locks、Transom closer、Floor Spring、Exit Device、Tooling

-Male, 20-30 yrs old
-Vocational graduate / at least 2 yrs in college major in any mechanical or electrical courses
-168 cm above height
-65 to 85 kg in weight
-Experience in mechanical works
-Accept first timer and ex Taiwan
-Not colorblind / Not left handed / No tattoo

Melakom Global Services Incorporated

Manila Branch: 1662 Leon Guinto St, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines

Cebu Branch:
LDM Bldg, Legaspi St. Cor. M.J. Cuenco Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Drone Operators In Taiwan Must Now Be Certified By The Aeronautics Agency

Effective by July 2019, all drone operators in Taiwan needs to obtain a certification for operation of any kinds of drone. An operator must pass an exam and must be registered with the Civil Aeronautics Administration for new drone regulations.

This act was already passed last year and will wait until July 2019 to apply. Under the new regulations, any unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) weighing 250 grams and above must be mandatory registered and operators must be certified.

This is for government authorities to identify any owner in any case of accident or incident. Registration codes will be marked to any UAV, without the codes authority in charge may shutdown the drone and owner will be penalized.

Although media outlets and schools may be exempted from this act which is still subjected for approval. Registered aircrafts must only flown during daylight and 400 above ground level.

A body of Pinay OFW in Taiwan found hanging?

A body of a Pinay OFW in Taiwan was found hanging on the tree at the back where she was living. According to her friend the last time they talked with her friend, it said that she is homesick.

The Pinay OFW was identified as a Factory Worker of Multi-Tek Fasteners and Mfg in Tainan, Taiwan.
  A close friend of her do not believe that she hang herself
and there could be foul play because of the height from the ground where the corpse found and the physical appearance of the her friend seems not a suicide.
Photo Courtesy from her friend 

The case still under investigation.

Rest in Peace Kabayan and condolence to your family and friends. 


Smartphone Use Have Been Standard For Emerging Nations

Smartphone has been vital in everyday life of every individual as this device is now the standard and norm for any emerging countries or nation. 

As per Pew Research Center report, majorities of adults using smartphone are in the world’s wealthy counties led 95% South Korea and 88% in Israel.

Emerging economies with smartphone adaptation include 85% in Brazil, 71% in the Philippines, 60% from South Africa, 24% in India ranked the lowest.

“Younger people in every country surveyed are much more likely to have smartphones, access the Internet and use social media. In all of the advanced economies surveyed, large majorities under the age of 35 own a smartphone.'

'In contrast, smartphone ownership among advanced economies’ older populations varies widely, ranging from just about a quarter of Russians 50 and older to about nine-in-10 older South Koreans,” according to researchers.

The research survey is based on 30,133 people in 27 countries. China and Taiwan are not included in the survey.

Hiring: Machine Operators For Lingsen Precision In Taiwan


Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and Dahsen Electronic Industries, Ltd. founded LINGSEN PRECISION INDUSTRIES, LTD. (LPI) in 1970 as a joint venture in Taipei, Taiwan. In 1973, LPI moved to the Taichung Export Processing Zone (TEPZ) and was reorganized as an entirely owned and independent assembly house. After many years of hard work, LPI has become a model company in Taiwan's semiconductor industry.

Position: Factory Worker
Location:  Taichung, Taiwan

20 yrs old and above
153 cm and above
No tattoo
No left-handed
No sweat hands
Education: College Level (Undergraduate)
Minimum of 2 yrs experience in this field of work
EX-TAIWAN are welcome

How to apply?
Visit and apply personally Everlast International Placements Inc agency at Rizal Tower, 4474 Singian, Makati Avenue, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel: 8993923/ 8993911

Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers For King Slide Technology

Company: King Slide Technology Co Ltd

Throughout the past 30 years, King Slide has always strived to understand the market needs and exceed customer's expectation by offering the most ergonomic, safe and convenient design to enhance the quality of one's life. Each customer's satisfaction gives us motivation for continuously improvement and innovation. Our objective is to be the leading and favorable brand in every consumer's mind.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Male, 20-35yrs old
At least 2yrs vocational graduate
160cm and above in height
Weight proportional to height
Experience in furniture factory is an advantage
With ready passport, UMID and Birth Certificate

Melakom Global Services Incorporated

Manila Branch: 1662 Leon Guinto St, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines

Cebu Branch:
 LDM Bldg, Legaspi St. Cor. M.J. Cuenco Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Weak Market Makes EEPV Corporation To Layoff Numbers Of OFW

EEPV Corporation have layoff some its migrants workers namely the female Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). According to a post from a employee of the company, they have been on layoff and they must decide if they will stay or will go home.

The company is currently facing pricing pressure of demands and oversupply. EEPV Corporation products include Solar Cells, Flexible Module, Cell Laminates, the company was established just last February 2014 in Taoyuan, Taiwan

The OFW's sentiments that their broker is not helping them to seek for other jobs since the layoff takes off in an indefinite time making the OFW's pay everything with no salary while on layoff.

Since solar cells and solar panels have faced pricing pressure and oversupply, production on manufacturing sites go low. Inventec, another solar panel maker have the allegations that they also layoff their employees but the company denies it.

African Swine Fever Found On Pork Jerky

Siezed by Taiwan customs, two Chinese pork jerky products have tested positive for African Swine Fever (ASF) according to the Council of Agriculture of Taiwan. The products were collected from the amnesty bins of Taipei International Airport or the Songshan Airport.

The products came from Jiangsu Province in China and according to data of Taiwan, there were a total of 20 confiscated pork products which were ASF positive.

Any foreign visitor that illegally bring in meat products are subjected for penalty, another Chinese visitors were denied entry to Taiwan as they fail to pay the penalty fine of NT$200,000.

ASF may affect heavily the economic growth of one country on its agriculture department that is why Taiwan is very strict in checking this king of items specially to those tourists or visitors coming from countries with ASF outbreaks.

Taiwan Hiring: Autocadd Operators For APCB Inc

Company: APCB Incorporated

APCB INC. was established in August, 1981. It is a multi-layer PCB factory which is located in Taipei, Taiwan. The major PCB items are mostly produced for consumer electronic product application. With whole APCB team’s hard working efforts in many years, it successfully expands its capacity and improves quality no matter in developing new process technologies or investing in advanced production equipments. 

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Male, 21yrs old and above
Vocational graduate or College graduate
163cm above i height
Knowledgeable in 2D and 3D Autocadd
With at least 1yr related working experience

Melakom Global Services Incorporated

Manila Branch: 1662 Leon Guinto St, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines

Cebu Branch:
LDM Bldg, Legaspi St. Cor. M.J. Cuenco Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines


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