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32,500 Chickens Culled In Changhua Due To Bird Flu Outbreak

About 32,500 chicken in a farm in Dacheng Township, Changhua County have been culled due to highly pathogenic H5N2 avian influenza virus or avain flu, bird flu according to Taiwan's Animal Disease Control Center (ADCC). 

340 succesive chcikens were already dead and have been reported and by checking and testing the other 32,500 have been positive to avian flu where were culled due to infections.

Main sympotoms on chickens for bird flu include swollen faces, bleeding from the eyes and nostrils, breathing problems, loss of appettite. The agency removed the chickens with infections and disinfected the whole poultry area to prevent the virus from spreading. 

Adding to the increase of spreading of virus are the arrival of migratory birds during the winter. Other reports of bird flu were in two chicken farms and one duck farm in Yunlin County and one duck farm in Pingtung County.

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