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A new born baby drowned to death by his own mother in Miaoli County Taiwan

Miaoli County Taiwan (Feb. 25, 2019)- A very horrible crime happened in the province of Miaoli County in Taiwan. A woman aged 21 years old had confessed to the authorities that she had drowned her own child to death.

A Mother of newborn baby boy with surname Liu had been charged with Murder after the authorities had done a thorough investigation of the whereabouts of the newborn baby.

It took almost 2 months to discover the killing. The girl had broken down into tears and eventually had confessed the crime she had done to the baby. and According to her, she has been forced by her parents to let the baby live and not to abort. She gives birth December 15, 2018, and go home Dec. 21, 2018. And upon arriving from the hospital, she noticed that her family was not around. So then, she decided to bring the baby to the Temple which is 50 meters away from their house. Then there, she drowned the baby in the public sink of the temple and after ensuring that the baby is already dead, she put the corpse in a plastic bag and left it near the back of the transformer across the street.

The parents of the girl did not know the whereabouts of the baby since if they asked their daughter about the baby, she would only answer that she had given it for adoption.

The Household Registry Offices and Health Administration officials had raised the alarm. Because it's been two months and yet no data in the registry, and also the family had failed to complete necessary vaccination procedures for the child.

The suspect is now detained and the family had done a ritual at the temple for the eternal reposed of the baby.


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