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African Swine Fever Found On Pork Jerky

Siezed by Taiwan customs, two Chinese pork jerky products have tested positive for African Swine Fever (ASF) according to the Council of Agriculture of Taiwan. The products were collected from the amnesty bins of Taipei International Airport or the Songshan Airport.

The products came from Jiangsu Province in China and according to data of Taiwan, there were a total of 20 confiscated pork products which were ASF positive.

Any foreign visitor that illegally bring in meat products are subjected for penalty, another Chinese visitors were denied entry to Taiwan as they fail to pay the penalty fine of NT$200,000.

ASF may affect heavily the economic growth of one country on its agriculture department that is why Taiwan is very strict in checking this king of items specially to those tourists or visitors coming from countries with ASF outbreaks.

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