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Pinoy Killed Another Pinoy, One Crew Severely Inrujed In A Heated Incident

One Filipino was killed by fellow Filipino and another crew was severely injured in a Taiwanese fishing vessel while finshing and sailing along the Indian Ocean (Wednesday, Feb 20). The Filipino have stabbed its compatriot and the other crew,reported by CNA.

Longliner Wen Peng have a total of 24 crew members with 10 Filipinos, 11 Indonesians and three Taiwanese. The incident was reported by the captain of the ship.

According to reports, some of the crew dont get along to each other until the incident happen. The killer dont want anybody to come near him that forced everyone to escape the ship.

Other Taiwanese vessel came for help when Ministry of Foreign Of Affairs of Taiwan calls for help for any nearby vessels. The incident still on going investigation, victim and suspect still unnamed as of the moment.

(image from CNA)

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