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Weak Market Makes EEPV Corporation To Layoff Numbers Of OFW

EEPV Corporation have layoff some its migrants workers namely the female Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). According to a post from a employee of the company, they have been on layoff and they must decide if they will stay or will go home.

The company is currently facing pricing pressure of demands and oversupply. EEPV Corporation products include Solar Cells, Flexible Module, Cell Laminates, the company was established just last February 2014 in Taoyuan, Taiwan

The OFW's sentiments that their broker is not helping them to seek for other jobs since the layoff takes off in an indefinite time making the OFW's pay everything with no salary while on layoff.

Since solar cells and solar panels have faced pricing pressure and oversupply, production on manufacturing sites go low. Inventec, another solar panel maker have the allegations that they also layoff their employees but the company denies it.

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