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A Filipino Crew suspect of killing Filipino and Indonesian has been arrested

Have you remembered The 255-tonne Wen Peng had 24 crew members onboard — three Taiwanese, 10 Filipinos and 11 Indonesians?
February 20, 2019, when the incident of killing one fellow Filipino and one Indonesian? and the suspect is a Filipino Migrant worker?
The Taiwan coastguard had sent a rescue vessel to the Indian Ocean near Sri Lanka last Feb. 21, 2019.

The Filipino suspect had been arrested after coast guard personnel spent about 13 hours negotiating with the suspect, as the Wen Peng’s cabin door was locked from inside and the boat’s rails were electrified, the coast guard said.

Six crews are still missing, one Filipino and five Indonesian had been forced to jump into the sea and the rescue effort might be called off because the crews are missing for a long time and its over 72 hours. According to Fisheries Agency Deputy Director-General Lin Kuo-ping (林國平).

The rest of the crews were been rescued by the Taiwanese vessels Shang Feng No. 3 and Hung Fu No. 88.


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