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Kaohsuing Mayor explained his side after the uproar of huge Filipino Community in Taiwan

Kaohsiung, Taiwan (March 9, 2019)- The  Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) explained his side in using the word "MARIA."

The Mayor issued a statement Yesterday March 7, 2019, during the press conference. He explained the term he used was a metaphor and not meant to be discriminatory.

" the challenge is persuading Kaohsiung parents to accept the promotion of bilingual education, and he used the word "Maria" (瑪麗亞) as a metaphor for the responsible parents would likely have when communicating with them on the subject."

"if Kaohsiung invited Filipinos to teach English, the question would be how to overcome the "psychological obstacle of parents." 

He added "The Philippines actually has many great English teachers, but he said many parents respond to the notion of hiring Filipino teachers by saying, "Why don't you hire American, Australian, British? Why do you hire neighboring Filipinos?"

"we, of course, would like to go to the Philippines to recruit some excellent foreign language talent." He then went on to say that the Philippines already has a population of 90 million, and it has had decades of English education with "many great teaching talents."

when he used the word "Maria," it did not have "other meanings," rather, he said his meaning was that when promoting bilingual education, "would Kaohsiung parents accept it? He concluded that "This will take communication." Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu said -source Taiwan News

I leave to you guys if how you would understand and accept his explanation.  I thought it was an apology but it was just a plain explanation to the public after a huge of Filipino Community bashed him over his racist remark.


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