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Kaohsiung City Mayor being bashed by huge community online for underestimating Filipino Migrant Workers.

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Today, let us talk about how this Third World City Mayor of Kaohsiung Han Kuo-yu (ιŸ“εœ‹η‘œ) underestimate the capability of the Filipino Migrant workers in Taiwan. For sure everyone will be super upset in his remark.

Last Wednesday, March 6, 2019. The City Mayor had a talk with prominent business owners on the country hoping that he can attract more investor in his City. And one of their topics is how to solve the labor deficiency in Kaohsiung, especially they lack much on multilingual professionals. and recently the Central Government is working toward English proficiency. So one of the Business Leader suggested why not to source out in the Philippines? besides the Philippines has a lot of talents, an English speaking country and for sure this a huge help.

But instead of taking the suggestion into consideration, the City of Mayor of Kaohsiung made something like a racist comment for me or maybe for all of us.

What did the Mayor say during his speech?
“I believe witnessing ‘Marias’ become teachers would cause a clash in the hearts of the people of Kaohsiung and Taiwan’s population at large. This is something that needs to be overcome; likely a huge internal conflict,” The Storm quotes Han.

So what does the Mayor mean for using the term " MARIA and a large conflict?"
Maybe, He so much underestimates the Filipina Migrant workers, because many of them are working in low salary and household position. But this is maybe his biggest mistake, he does not know a lot of Filipina professional are just silently working even with the lowest salary for the sake of her family. And not to brag the Philippines is much better than any country in Asia in terms of English Proficiency.

Aside from us, a lot of prominent people from different country and Taiwanese itself had bashed the Mayor over his racist speech.



  1. Oh my! I was idolizing him since his name started to boom here in Taipei... also telling my employer and grandma that he's a good guy to be nominated... reading a lot about him. Without my knowing that he was bashing Filipino Migrant workers. I was so depressed to hear that. As a caregiver who take care taiwanese family with all my might and patience without complaining how hard is to work for 24hours a day with a minimum salary. Although i was a graduate student in Nursing. I choose to sacrifice working in your beloved country to sustain the needs of my family. Please, don't bashed us or else you can do a lot for helping us be a part of your labor standard act and to be just and fair with other workers working in Taiwan... and its a great honor for us Filipinos to have that opportunity.. don't underestimate our capabilities and being proffesionals because many of us here are sacrificing....

  2. He is nothing but an IDIOT. I do want to apologize for the entire pinoy workers in Taiwan. We Taiwanese people desperately need your talents. I am so sorry for what he said.

  3. why don't you try to thank every Filipino people here in taiwan for continuous improvement of your city and country, you should show your respect to all foreign workers here!

  4. in terms of education are sure your ahead of us filipono' recently working here in kaohsiung taiwan in your own town..and im just a factory worker working on a industrial company...and its a heavy job but i didnt even complain how hard the job is...and for you to know im also a college graduate...dont talk shit if you know nothing try to think first if you do guve us a right amount of salary regarding our job...and one thing more try to know something about your migrant worker if they are treating well

  5. Don't forget the writer of this article may not have the skills to accurately translate the mayor's comment from Chinese into English. Which means the mayor could be misinterpreted. Translating from Chinese into English accurately is a difficult job. Most cannot handle properly in Taiwan.

    1. And what about when he said "Maria's"??? That explains everything need to ask Mr. Google about it...

  6. I think Taiwan should change the regulations to allow Filipinos to apply for White Collar jobs. The problem is how many Filipinos can speak Mandarin or Taiwanese which would be required with many Taiwanese bosses.

  7. I currently live in your city "your highness"! �� but so far,the ones that I know who speaks good English are all studying or being raised in America �� how about you by the way? ��

  8. U just can't accept the that we Filipinos whom you called "marias"can speak English better than u, fool! 😏😏, yes we work almost 24/7,and our salary is not that enough for the needs of iur family in the Philippines.. But most of us are college degree! We just have to sacrifice here in ur country in order to provide our family needs! And may i inform you,, did you ask yourself if all the Taiwanese employer here follows whats written in the contract?? They can't even provide 3x a day meals for us! Well, not all but MOST!! so don't u ever underestimate us! My middle finger sakute u anyway!! 😏😏

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