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Pinoy Students In Taiwan Accused Broker And University For Work Scam

Raymark, Trixie and Joel enrolled into a work / study program in Taiwan have accused the broker named Faith Association and Taiwanese school Yu Da University of Science and Technology located in Miaoli. The three were forced to work in a tile manufacturing company for 40 hours a week instead of the legally listed 20 hours a week.

They force to work from the aftertoon until midnight and study in the morning, there 52 students listed on the same program. Verbal abuse, swear words from Taiwanese workers they recieve while working.

It is the simililar case to Sri Lankan students who are forced to work in a slaughterhouse and Indonesian students that worked in factories in a work/study program. It has been a less reponse from the Taiwan's Ministry of Education.

If they were about the voice their current situation, they will fine a hefty penalty up to NT$500,000. Deputy Education Minister said that this kind of issue is completely intoleratable and said to YDUST not challenge the MOE as they hold the university accountable to its actions.

The ministry pledged to the students that they will help them transfer to find a university that suits them if they still want to stay in Taiwan.

(Photos from CNA)


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