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Taipei Agreed With Manila, Davao For Share Of Information On Fishery

Country capitals Taipei and Manila has agreed to share of information in fishery inspection and settle to improve the management of Davao port. The agreement was achieved in the Technical Working Group meeting by both Taiwan and Philippines.

Consensus was reached dealing to the issues relating to law enforcement cooperation in fisheries. The agreement involve improving mutual notification mechanism, sharing fishing boat inspections, assistance in fisheries development, exchanging aquaculture technologies, reducing post-harvest fish losses.

Improvement of Davao port fishery management also has been reached to agreements to block illegal fishing and through bilateral cooperation Taiwanese fishing vessels may unload their catches at the port.

Taipei and Manila will hold further more consultations in the future to continue in depth dialogue, forge consensus and act on measures to mitigate conflicts. Both countries hope to resolve conflicts and differences to create more mutual benefits.

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