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What are your rights while working in Taiwan?

Are you a Migrant Worker in Taiwan? If yes, then you should know your rights while working in the country.

What are your rights as workers in Taiwan?

1. Wages
- Your wages are negotiated between you and your employer. However, if you are employed by a business unit which is covered by the Taiwan Labor Standard Act, your pay must not be lower than the minimum wage.

2. Working time and rest period
   A. Your working time and the rest periods are in accordance with the employment contract agreed between the employer and the employee. However, if you are employed by a business unit which is covered by the Taiwan Labor Standard Act, your working hours shall be 8 hours per day, not exceeding 40 hours per 1 week. Overtime shall be in accordance with the law.

  B. When working continuously for 4 hours, the worker should be given at least 30 minutes rest. However, flexibility may be exercised in cases of work shifts or non-stop production situations or during an emergency.

3. Legal Holidays, rest days and leave applications
-Holiday for the family category of foreign worker in accordance with the employment contract agreed upon by both the employer and employee. However, for construction, manufacturing, nursing, slaughter and fishing category are in accordance with the Labor Standard Act, you are entitled to have two rest day within 7 days, which one day as vacation leave and one day as off day. In addition, you must have a rest on the official holiday. Under the same employer or business unit, and you have worked continuously for a certain period, you will be entitled to a special leave in accordance with The Labor Standard Act.

The vacation leave and Holiday should be given to the employee, the employer cannot arbitrarily deprive this standard right.

4. Health Insurance
-All foreign workers who have Alien Resident Certificate in Taiwan region should join The National Health Insurance policy. This membership is applied and handled by the employer starting from your date of employment. By paying the National Health Insurance fee every month, you will be covered by the National Health Insurance and be entitled to medical benefits.

5. Labor Insurance
-If you are employed at a business unit with more than five workers or laborer in fisheries, your employer should submit your work permit approved by the Central Labor Authority or related business authority to the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor to be declared or to be covered by Labor Insurance on the day you report for work.

6. Arrival / Departure Services
- Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor has set up Foreign Workers Service Centers at Taiwan International Airports- Taoyuan International Airport and Kaohsiung International Airports to provide directions on guidance for arrival foreign workers, laws and regulations propaganda seminars, pick-up services as well as providing foreign workers, overseas foreign worker wage disputes and complaint services as well as providing foreign workers with temporary shelter services. Foreign
Workers who could not attend the propaganda seminar may view the propaganda through the help of employers or brokers, or simply watch the film online



  1. Why are company we have deduct 8hrs if said no work today but we have work in schedule. Example we have work on monday 12hrs and Tuesday we have schedule to work but said super work on Tuesday but we have negative hours 8hrs.can you please answer this admin.

  2. Please clarify exactly what your question was. Site clearly your example like your work load in a day so that the admin can answer your question.

  3. how about the renewal of contract mam/ is advisible to pay 23000nt for renewing our contract every 3years.thanks for the response.

  4. I was working in Nursing home, Nightshift duty. I work almost 14hrs a day. In my payslip only 1hr overtime paid.

  5. My contract will expire this coming April but my employer didn't do anything or.didn't say anything to me if I'm rehire or not. What should I do. I'm so confused right now.

  6. Working on a business unit, but the pay os below minimum.��


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