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Japan Prepares To Accept Several Blue Collar Foreign Migrant Workers

With the shortage of its manpower and workforce, Japan now prepares to accept blue collar foreign workers reported by Nikkei Asia Review which small to midsize businesses are looking to the new visa rules.

Japan expects at least 345,150 applicants to their two new visa categories and applicants are mostly from Asia countries. The new visa categories eases the restrictions on both workers and employers. Some companies have started their trainee program for the foreign workers which according to them will add more soon.

The new law will accept blue collar foreign workers as regular employees in 14 fields and industry which includes factory works, industrial machinery, construction and domestic jobs like careworkers. Applicants must learn technical skills and good command of Japanese language, if passed, will be issued working visa up to 5 years.

With higher skill levels, permanent residency which includes to bring their family in Japan is open. The new visa system will be the first step solving Japan’s labor shortage that see to accept more workers in the future where labor shortage is a serious problem in Japan.


  1. This is a great announcement which opens a door to Japan! This alluring offer is great for every single foreigner!


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