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Several Taiwanese Companies Plans To Return To Taiwan

With the raged trade war between China and United States, a total of 30 Taiwanese companies plans to return home in its home country and invest with a combined total of NT$120Billion (Php204Billion).

The 30 Taiwanese corporations who overseas are encouraged by the government to return home and Taiwan will give the companies special benefits like the much easier use of foreign labor and bank loans as announced by Ministry of Economic Affairs of the country.

The returning companies will give more labor for local and foreign migrants as 50 other Taiwanese companies looking to follow the same footsteps. This move by the 30 companies will create an additional estimate of 10,500 jobs.

The latest investors is the plant of Yageo (maker of passive electronics) in China that is transferred and already present in Kaohsiung, Taiwan will need additional manpower for its new production line.

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