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Taiwanese Electronic Giant ASUS Server Hacked

Around half a million computers have installed a malware that mask as an software update from Taiwanese electronics giant ASUS after the server of the company have been hacked. The report is according to the researchers of Russian company and cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab.

The report was published in the Motherboard magazine and quoted the hacking of the server of ASUS lasted for five months before it was discovered, the hack is called “ShadowHammer”. 

The malware that input in the server is Asustek Computer Inc will send a software update to its users where the files copied and signed with a ASUS digital certificate to look that the update is authentic but the truly is a malware, according to Motherboard magazine.

The malware went to installed at 500,000 Windows computers, Kaspersky lab it only discovered the hacking job when it upgrades its scanning equipment to catch those kind malware. Having a malware in both PC and smartphone will have a harmful effect and would steal some identifications.

On the other hand, ASUS disclose the issue that there are only hundreds and not half a million that are hacked, as researchers from Kaspersky Lab noted.

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