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Companies In Taiwan To Be Affected By The Potential Huawei Ban

The sanction of US to Huawei Technologies and bringing the company to its “Entity list” that requires licenses to acquire American equipment and components. Huawei’s component and networking suppliers in Taiwan could be affected.

Huawei has become the largest maker of mobile base station and optical communication equipment and the impact could bear down to the non-US suppliers if its production slows down or forced to shut down.

“In terms of impact on supply chain revenue, we believe the networking sector would be hit hardest, followed by handsets, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and semiconductors,” according to analysts from Yuanta Securities Investment and Consulting Co.

Taiwanese supplier include Win Semiconductor, Alpha Networks Inc, PCL Technologies, Elite Advanced Laser Group, Universal Microwave Technology, LandMark optoelectronics, Truelight Corp, LuxNet Corp, Gemtek Technology Co, where mostly are networking and communication equipment makers.

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