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Death Penalty In Taiwan To Tackled At The Human Rights Consultations

The rising issue of death penalty in Taiwan will be discussed and tackled by Taiwanese and European Union (EU) officials in the annual Human Right Consultations in Brussels by mid of May. This would be the second time that both parties will tackle the death penalty in Taiwan.

The discussion will be attended by high ranking representatives from Taiwan and EU, as EU officials will raise the issue of death penalty and the gender equality in the country. The goal of EU is to abolish the capital punishment of death penalty in Taiwan, as reported by CNA.

The last time both parties discussed about the death penalty and gender equality was in 2018 which was held in Taipei. In late 2018, one Taiwanese was sentenced for death penalty for murdering his ex-wife and daughter which EU shows concern about it.

EU describe it as “cruel and inhumane” as both parties will continue to talk and discuss regarding those issues.

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