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Drivers In Taiwan To Be Fined If Failed To Give Way To Visually Impaired Pedestrians

Drivers in Taiwan that fail to give way to any visually impaired pedestrians will face s fine (by not just giving the way). The legislative yuan of the country passed the amendment to the Road traffic Management and Penalty Act.

The drivers who fail to follow at crosswalk will be subjected to a fine of NT2,400 (Php4,000) up to NT$7,200 (Php12,000). The act is when a driver fail to see the visually impair pedestrians with a cane or a guide.

Drivers of slow moving vehicles like e-bikes and bicycle or any human powered vehicle are also included in the amendment and have only a maximum speed of 25km/hr.

The amendment also mandated fines of NT3,000 (Php5,000) to NT6,000 (Php10,000) who use the pedestrians or crosswalk in acting, making movies, having a competition or any performances. Those who obstruct traffic at the crosswalk will be panelized, fines will be doubled if injuries occur.

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