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Flexible Working Schedule For Filipinos Approved

Filipino workers may now enjoy a more flexible working schedule in a week after the Congress cleared and voting 17-0 by the Senate. The bill is filed by Sen. Joel Villanueva and it is discussed on the first session in the post-election.

Filipino employees can opt out of the basic eight hours per day in week, under the law, they can mutually agreed voluntary work agreement with the employer.

Workers may choose a longer hour of work and a fewer number day of work in a week with a total work hours of 40hours per week. For instance, one could work for 10 hours from Monday to Thursday and off work from Friday to Sunday. The current law has a allowable 48 work hours per week.

The bill is already approved in the House of Representatives and only the signature of President Rodrigo Duterte is needed for this to become a law.

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