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How to apply a Tourist Visa for Taiwan

What if Taiwan will stop giving free visa entry for Filipinos?
What should we do? How can we apply for a tourist visa?

If you are planning to visit Taiwan as tourist, here are some tips for you:

1. Tourist visa is only intended for visiting Taiwan not for work
2. Shave and dress neatly when appearing in TECO (Taiwan Economic Cultural Office)
3. Do not present any Chinese Language Certificate to avoid further interrogations
4. Tell the interviewer that you love Taiwan.
5. Tell all impressive things about Taiwan

What are the requirements?

1. At least with 6 months valid passport
2. 2 recent photos (2" x 1.5 ")
4. Back in forth Airplane ticket
5. Bank statement with a minimum amount of US$3,000
6. Hotel reservation and contact information in Taiwan

* filled "ARRIVAL CARD" can be obtained at airline

Where to apply the visa?
-Apply at Taiwan Economic Cultural Office (TECO) in Makati

How much is the tourist visa?

Visitor Single Entry: Php2,600 + 1300 (add for rush)
Visitor Multiple Entry: Php5,200 + 2600 (add for rush)

How many working days for normal process?
- 3 working days

How many working days for expedite?
- 2 working days

Filing time:
Monday to Friday
8:45am to 11:45 am only

Releasing time:
Monday to Friday
1:45pm to 4:45pm only

Have a safe and trip ka-Pinoy!


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