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Huawei Demands More Supplies From Chipbond and JMC Electronics In Taiwan

China based giant Huawei Technologies demands more supplies on its Taiwan partners Chipbond Technology and JMC Electronics for their chip-on-film substrate (COF PCB). The majority of production orders will land on the two companies that require lots of working time and manpower.

The two companies have requested by Huawei to improve the substrate production, yield and supplies for their high demand. COF substrates will be used for the smartphone segment of Huawei which now tops the units sales that unseat Apple’s iPhone and Samsung.

With the bezel-less smartphones are on demand, COF manufacturer will get more in production orders. Chipbond Technology and JMC Electronics substrate department will boost their revenue for the orders from Huawei.

Both companies need more working time that will have their manpower to work in overtime to meet the production need. This will be lots of work since the much high demand of smartphones in the modern era.

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