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Major Telecoms In Taiwan To Stop Selling Huawei Devices

Major telecommunication companies in Taiwan Chungwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile and FarEasTone Telecom are about to stop the selling of Huawei devices since the ban of Huawei Technologies by the Unites States.

With the allegations of spying and stealing technology, US president Donald Trump restrict US companies to have business with Huawei unless permitted by the US government, as Taiwan is following along with its telecommunication providers.

Chungwa Telecom will not carry any new Huawei devices, the telecom has still stock to sell but according to them, they will not sell new products after the stocks are sold.

Following suit are Taiwan Mobile and FarEasTone Telecom which will only see to sell their last stock of Huawei devices and will stop after it.

Huawei has been the 4th largest record in terms of sales in Taiwan behind, Apple’s iPhone, Samsung electronics and OPPO. It still unclear if the newly released phone of Huwaei, the P30 pro will remain suspended from Google.

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