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Sock Factories in Taiwan received million pairs of orders amid the US-China trade war

It seems that many of the countries in Asia are benefiting of the US-China trade war. And a small township in western Taiwan has received an order for about 600 million pairs of socks to be exported to the US.

The Township of Shetou in Changhua County, which is well-known for its sock factories has recently received a huge order.

According to Wei Ping-i, Chairman of the  Taiwan Hosiery Manufacturers' Association. Last week they received an order from a trading company asking for 300 million pairs of socks for the US market.  The orders are original to be produced in China but since with the ongoing trade war, the customer shifted to Taiwan to escape from high tariff imposed by the US to China.

The bulk orders had been distributed to big factories such as Queen Tex, run by Wei himself. The orders will also be Subcon to other small factories so that all may benefit according to Mr. Wei.

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