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Well Known Companies To Go Out Of China Due To The Imposed High US Tariff

China is known where most of all things are manufactured, but the new tariff by the United States makes it hard for different companies to export to the US. President Donald Trump’s tariff is helping to tear down China’s demand as a place where stuff gets made.

Well-known companies are moving their manufacturing sites to different countries, Ricoh Corporation a known Japanese office equipment manufacturer to transfer in Thailand. While Kenda Rubber International Co to move and invest in Vietnam.

Popular consumer brands Samsonite International SA, Macy’s Inc and Fossil Group are also reported to move out of China. Communication equipment provider Cisco System Inc and Sierra Wireless Inc will also move to other nation.

The tariff will be 25% on all exports to US which will be a blow to the companies who have their main customers inside the US, that is why their main cue now is to transfer their investment to other countries. 

China labor is low but with the tariff on hand, it will be very expensive to export those daily consumable products.


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  1. When China imports anything from the U.S. the tariffs are 25% or higher, imposed by the Chinese government. The U.S. is simply instituting reciprocal tariffs. If and when China removes their import tariffs on goods imported from the U.S., then the U.S. will remove those tariffs on Chinese goods as well. Since the Clinton administration, China has enjoyed "Most Favored Nation" trade status with the U.S., everything imported to the U.S. from China was duty free. The U.S. waited 20 years for the promised removal of tariffs on U.S. goods imported to China, and it never happened.


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