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48,784 People Died In Taiwan Due to Cancer In A Year

According to the report released by Taiwan’s Ministry of health and Welfare (MOHW), there are more people in Taiwan died from cancer which shows a figure of 48,784 total persons have battled various types of cancer.

The time ratio of MOHW that a person in Taiwan as a cancer patient dying every 10minutes and 10 seconds (2018), 10 seconds shorter than the previous year (2017). With and accounted 28% of deaths in Taiwan are due to different types of cancer, 206.9 people per 100,000 have cancer in whole 2018.

The most killing cancer in Taiwan is lung cancer which lead the cause of death which is due to air pollution and 2nd hand smoke, followed by liver cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer.

The other most killer diseases recorded in Taiwan other than cancer are heart diseases, pneumonia, cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes, according to MOHW.

By age level, people aged 1-24 years old mostly die due to accidents, while aged 25-44 are mostly cancer patients and 45 years old and above includes heart diseases and cancer said by MOHW.

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