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7,785 Vietnamese Files Lawsuits Against Formosa Plastic Group Of Taiwan

7,785 Vietnamese citizens have filed a lawsuit against Taiwan’s Formosa Plastic Group (FPG), charging the company that cause harm and jeopardizing their physical health conditions. The lawsuit came after the chemical spill in Ha Tinh, Vietnam.

The spill resulted to harmful effects in the ocean with an estimate of 70 tons of marine wildlife have been poisoned and died. Vietnam government denies that the company is responsible with the spill and it ignited a mass protests from many Vietnam cities.

Though FPG steel mill paid US$500 million to the Vietnam government, the Environmental Rights Foundation (ERF) of Taiwan filed lawsuit in behalf of the 7,785 Vietnamese citizens that are pursuing for compensation from the big damage that the company has done.

The victims are seeking NT140million as the damage has a stretch in 210kilometers of the coastline of Vietnam. The damages cause fishermen have major loss in livelihood and about 170,000 people suffered due to the spill damages to environment.

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