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Another 4 big companies pivot to Taiwan instead of China

Seems like the Taiwan Government is very successful in courting the Taiwanese companies that are operating outside the country to go home, particularly in China. The government is encouraging them to invest in Taiwan through MOEA or the Government incentives program. And also due to the trade war between China and US, companies are tend to shift outside China because of the high tariff imposed by the US Government.

This month another four companies to return home and will invest NT$10 billion and it is estimated to generate 800 new jobs.

What are the new companies?
1. Pegavision Corporation- known as the third largest contact lens maker in Taiwan and instead of expanding in China they pledge NT$7.5 billion to buy new factory in Daxi, Taoyuan for future production and headquarter.

2. MPI Corporation- known as world's fifth largest manufacturer of probe card that is being used for semiconductor production. Instead of building new plant in China they will rise a new plant in Hsinchu and pledge to invest NT$1 billion.

3. DaBomb Protein Corporation- known for hydrolyzed soya peptide supplier has pledge to invest NT$100 million in expanding its existing plant in Taiwan instead of expanding in China.

4. Autoparts maker asked not to be named has pledge to invest NT$1.5 billion and plan to rise a new plant in Kaohsuing.

There are 77 firms were encouraged to returned home since January this year when the government launches the incentive program. The pledges have already reached to NT$386.4 billion and hopes to generate more than 35,000 new jobs.


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