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Dongdamen Night Market Caught Fire As 50 Food Stalls Burned Down

Around 1am of June 3, a fire broke down at one of the biggest night market in easter Taiwan. Dongdamen Night Market in Hualien County caught huge blaze of fire that widespread in the whole area burning down at least 50 food stall.

The fire occured in the Aborigine Street and Ziqiang sections of the Dongdamen Night Market. With a total of 18 firetrucks, 33 firefighters, and 85 police officers were dispatched to the scene and good thing no casualties recorded as the night market is already closed.

Fire was extinguished around 2am, the place is scheduled for a KMT rally by the weekend for presdential prospect Han (Kaohsiung mayor), KMT camp are quite regarding the incident. Photo from Central News Agency.

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