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Experts: Consult A Doctor Before Experimenting On Diet

Currently people are in to diet and fitness programs which some are not if their routine will work or not, in a report from Philippine News Agency, a health expert reminded the public to consult a doctor before trying different kinds of diet.

In their interview with Philippine Heart Association (PHA) president, these kind of diet could affect the natural condition of the heart without proper advice.

"Like ketogenic diet, it's a high-fat diet, and it does not discriminate on what fat you're taking, you could be taking the good fats and the bad fats. If you're taking it for three months, your cholesterol will go up, and if you're taking a lot of bad fats, it will deposit in the veins and they will block the veins," according to Nanette Reyes, PHA president.

Fasting as method to lose weight is not advisable to those who have conditions of diabetes or someone who is taking medications. The importance of sustainability and eating in moderation is important in choosing diet.

The best diet is to avoid sweet and sugary foods, fatty and salty foods, more on foods and vegetables is the best way to achieve a healthy weight and heart.

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