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Lowering minimum wage eyed by opposition party in South Korea

Busan, S. Korea- The chairman  Hwang Kyo-ahn of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party had announced ahead in front of the local business owners in Busan Chamber of Commerce and Industry that his party will vow to introduce a new wage system for Foreign workers.

Hwang said, " Given the different degrees of their contribution to korea, it is not fair to set the same minimum wage to korean and foreign workers. He also added, "Korean contribute more to the country, for example by paying more taxes, our party will revise related laws to improve the situation." (referring to the business owners)

The small business owners are already pushing to their edge because of the consecutive wage hike in the country. That is why the opposition Liberty Korea Party is eyeing to review the law.

His speech draws of mixed reaction in the social media and most of them commented as "this such a kind of racism."

In the Korean Article 6 of Labor Standard Act, It stipulates that an employer cannot discriminate against worker on the basis of gender, nationality, religion and social status.

In 2018 the hourly rate in korea is 7,530 won (Php 333.22) which increase for about 16.4 percent.

In  2019 the wage increase to 8,350 won (Php 369.51). which increase for about 10.9 percent.


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