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OFW bound to Manila halted due to discrepancy found in his passport and ARC

When was the last time you check the full details of your Aliens Residence Certificate (ARC)? Have you ever compare your passport number if it has the same details in your ARC? If not yet,  then you should check the details.

One OFW had taken his vacation last June 6, 2019, and about to board 7:45 am on China Airlines . As he was in the immigration for validation in Taoyuan International Airport bound to Manila, he was shocked after the immigration officer had halted him because of the discrepancies on the details of his passport and ARC. The officer told him that his passport number is different compared in his ARC, so he waited for about an hour and the officer had asked him to provide more credentials to check his credibility as a legal worker in Taiwan, he provided several IDs'. And for almost one hour after he was been cleared in the immigration. He was lucky enough because he came early at that time, if not he may had missed his flight home.

Lesson learned here, always check the ARC details after the broker give it to you. Always keep your ARC with you, especially now that Taiwan is very strict when it comes to overstayed migrant workers.


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