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OFW got no help from his broker after his camera had been heist by fellow OFW at the airport

When was the last time your broker had assisted you? Have they ever  help you when you're in trouble? I hear a lot from OFW said that most of the brokers in Taiwan are irresponsible in handling their employee. Most of them are just squeezing the pockets of every OFW. Am I right or wrong? May be all will agree on my opinion because of their experience.

Last June 19, 2019. A OFW came from a vacation had reported to the Labor Office at Taoyuan International Airport about the lost of his CANON EOS 800D. What had happened was, he put down his camera on the chair at the waiting area for a while, while loading his baggage to the car. Then he went back again to pick up the remaining items. But he was annoyed when he notice that his camera had gone. He remembered someone setting next to him was a Pinay OFW (he asked us the name not to be mention ). He tried to chased the Pinay OFW, but he's too late because the Pinay had already flee. The next thing he had done is, he went to the office of the Labor and reported the incident. Then they coordinated the case to Police Airports. The CCTV were reviewed and traced the location of the alleged theft. After he reported, he was advice by the officers to leave a contact number. So he gave his cellphone and number and went home.

The following morning he went to the office of his broker to seek an assistance because it's almost 24 hours and his camera still missing, and no even calls received from the authority. At the office, he explained what had happened and asked for an assistance of the broker, hoping that he can be assisted and can have a translator. But what had happened was, his brokers had refused to help him. Because according to the broker, they have no people to be assigned for him and they are busy. And due to his frustration to the brokers he yelled to them " wala kayong kwenta, sariling tao niyo hindi niyo matulungan!"After that he left the office and went to the Toayuan Airport by his owned.

At the Airport, the officers had informed him that his camera had been recovered. The driver of the Pinay had surrendered it to the authorities. According to him, when the Pinay was question why she took the camera away, she just answered, "because the owner had already left. So to protect the camera from thieves, I decided  to take it, instead of leaving it behind."

Meanwhile, according to the complainant, the driver had also file a case against the Filipina for putting him in shame. Well, it's not a brilliant idea of the Pinay who found out to be working in Chiayi. First and foremost do not take anything a thing that does not belongs to you. And if ever someone left a thing, do not keep it by yourself instead surrender it to the authorities because somebody will look after it. And lastly to the brokers. Remember that all OFWs are paying you from their hard earned money. Please do give your best service to them, not your best service in collecting money.


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  1. yeah,you are right,almost all of the brokers take money from us ever single month but we cant even get a single help when we needed them,and if ever they help us we need to pay them again separately aside from monthly pay


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