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Pegavision, Three More Firms To Shift Operations From China To Taiwan

Contact lens brand Pegavision, third largest maker of contact lens in Taiwan previously planned to set up a plant in China for US market but the trade war won’t make it profitable and change their plans and invest NT7.5 billion in a factory in Daxi, Taoyuan.

Aside from Pegavision Corporation, three more firms are to move back to Taiwan which includes production LED equipment and probe card maker MPI Corporation, hydrolyzed soya peptide supplier DaBomb Protein Corporation and an not yet names auto parts maker.

The trouble of trade war between US and China makes the company to transfer, shift and invest to Taiwan with a total investment of NT10 billion, information from the Ministry of Economic Affiars of Taiwan (MOEA).

More firm coming in Taiwan but the country is facing the labor shortage which means they can at least hire more foreign workers for the manufacturing sector, more firm means more jobs to come.

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