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Philippines Congress Open Online Survey Regarding Same Sex Marriage

Taiwan recently legalizes the same sex marriage which is first in Asia which people from other countries have mixed emotions regarding the passage.

Philippine congress recently released an online poll or survey regarding their views on same sex marriage which stated that: “Are you in favor of the proposal in the House of Representatives which legalizes same-sex unions as civil partnership in the country?”

The question has three choices:

(1) Yes, because this will give equal civil rights to same-sex couples. The bill provides such couples with legal partnership status that will govern their property rights, custodial rights over children and adoption rights.

(2) No, because the underlying intention is to legalize marriage between members of the same sex and I personally believe this is wrong.

(3) I am undecided.

You may see the current votes after choosing. To vote visit the website of the Philippine Congress or click here to vote.

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