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Taichung Tourism Bureau Warns Hikers About A Cobra On The Trail On Dakeng Mountains

The Municipal Bureaur of Taichung City have warned hikers regarding the spotted large cobra along the trail on Dakeng Mountains. The bureau advise to take precaution when trekking the said trail

Some pictures and video of Cobra along the trail have scattered in different social media along Taiwan but urge the public not to panic if they see the snake and is better not to provoke if seen.

Also, some unidentified groups and local farmers in the area occasionally found snakes in the area in the bamboo areas, orchard areas and sometimes inside the farmhouse toilets.

The bureau advised to use a stick or trekking pole to shake long grass before having walk into it. If bitten by a snake, stay calm and do not run, immediately call 119 for help for fast response.


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