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Taiwan Have Deported 268 Illegal Immigrants In One Month

A total of 268 illegal immigrants were deported in the month of May alone, the high number of deportation documented in Taiwan within a month alone. The deportation activity happens upon the announcement of the amnesty program by the National Immigration Agency (NIA) of Taiwan.

Detainees at the shelter even served rice dumplings during the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr and for the spirit of Dragon Boat Festival. Illegal immigrants came from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Malaysia.

In Taiwan’s amnesty program, a fine of NT$2000 (Php3,400) and a lighter re-entry ban will face by anyone who turn themselves during the program which ends by June 30.

When the amnesty program ends, a fine of NT$10,000 (Php16,800) and a re-entry ban will be impose with a maximum ban of 8years. There were 268 people deported safely in May since the program started in January 2019, according to NIA.

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