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Trump Lifts Huawei Ban, China Tech May Continue Doing Business With US

During the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan, US President Donald Trump made a surprising announcement regarding the US's ban on China-based tech giant Huawei Technologies.

'These are American companies producing the products. This is complex ... highly scientific. We are the only one with the technology. I have agreed to allow them to continue selling the products … I like our companies selling things to others ... very complex things. These are not things easy to make ... our companies were very upset, but we are allowing them. So if it is not national security issue, we are allowing them to sell.' according to US President Donald Trump. 

'We are leaving Huawei towards the end. We are going to see what we go with the trade agreement. We are seeing what goes with the trade agreement,"  he added regading the removal of Huawei to US Entity list.

US companies could sell to Chinese telecommunications equipment giant Huawei as long as the sales did not involve equipment that will threaten US national security according to a seperate report from South China Morning Post.

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